Desert architecture: Designing the perfect desert home

Are you planning on building a house in the desert? If that is the case, you might have trouble figuring out what it should look like. After all, the desert appears to be arid and lifeless. As a result, designing a desert home can prove to be quite a challenge.

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Once you take care of that, you might want to take a look at the most popular desert home designs. To make that easier for you, we created a list of such projects. Check it out!

A Florida-Style Home
As the name suggests, this style is widely used in Florida and the surrounding areas. It started to gain popularity around the nineteenth century, and it is still popular with many developers who perceive it as a great source of design themes.

The main characteristics of the houses of this style are metal roofs, raised floors, and straight hallways leading from the front of the home to its back. On top of that, they tend to be surrounded by porches and wide verandas.

While having a front porch or a veranda decorated with all kinds of flowers can make any home look more aesthetically pleasing, it does serve a practical purpose. Why is that the case? It provides shade for the windows and walls of the house. As a result, its inhabitants can easily avoid having to deal with the heat of the day.

The most famous examples of such homes include the Bensen House, located in Grant, and the Plumb House, located in Clearwater.

An Adobe-Style Home
The Adobe style has been used all over the world, from Southern America to the Middle East and West Asia. But what made it so popular? The answer to that question lies in the building materials that are used to construct Adobe houses. In most cases, they are made out of stucco and adobe. Both of these building materials are very easy to get, no matter where you live.

The main characteristics of such homes include flat roofs, exposed timber beams and supports, and thick walls with rounded edges. Another common feature of Adobe houses is the fireplace built into corners of the rooms, exterior courtyards, and terraces.

Adobe-style homes are uniquely suited to brutal heat. Thanks to the thick walls which absorb the heat of the sun during the day and slowly release it at night, the interior stays cool throughout the day.

Unsurprisingly, the most famous Adobe structures are located in New Mexico. They include the Palace of the Governors and The Oldest House in Santa Fe, as well as San Francisco De Asis Mission Church in Ranchos De Taos.

A Mediterranean-Style Home
The Mediterranean style started to gain popularity during the Roaring Twenties. During that period, people were consumed by leisure and wealth, which resulted in the rise of seaside resorts. The architects who designed such resorts got inspired by luxurious Mediterranean villas. Having considered this, many Americans decided that they too want to own homes that resemble such villas.

The Mediterranean homes are most commonly found in California and Florida. Their main characteristics include red-tiled roofs, decorations made out of stone, and raw iron and metalwork on windows, balconies, and doors.

The most famous Mediterranean structures you can find in the United States include the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami and the Harold Lloyd Estate in Beverly Hills.

A Tuscan-Style Home
The Tuscan style has its origins in Tuscany and draws on the appearance of Italian villas. Tuscany is a region that is located in central Italy, and it is where the Italian Renaissance was born. Taking this into consideration, it should come as no surprise that this particular style is really rustic and sophisticated.

Traditional Tuscan homes can be characterised by stucco exteriors, stone patios, simple and sturdy furnishings with elegant iron accents, and terracotta roof tiles. Additionally, this style often features decorative ceilings supported by wooden beams, tall windows, and enclosed courtyards.

The most popular building materials used in the process of building such homes include many different kinds of stone, ranging from sandstone and white marble to travertine.

While Tuscan structures are not that popular in the United States, you can find many such structures in Italy. The most famous ones include Villa Reale di Marlia located in Lucca and Castello dei Vicari in Lari.

Beautiful Desert Homes Are No Mirage!
All in all, there are many ways to go about designing a desert home. On the one hand, you can use one of the styles mentioned above as the main source of inspiration. On the other hand, you can mix the main characteristics of a few of these styles to create something truly unique. It is all up to you!

Other than that, you should keep in mind that you do not have to do this on your own. Hiring a professional architect is always a viable option. If the person that you decide to hire will turn out to be communicative and open to suggestions, you are bound to create a beautiful desert home design in no time!