Diffusion provides a sustainable fan coil solution to Bank Centre, Ballsbridge, Dublin

Keane Environmental supplied Diffusion fan coils units to the Bank Centre site in Ballsbridge, Dublin. The Bank Centre site was redeveloped with the campus designed to be a state-of-the-art work environment and one of the most sustainable workspaces in Europe. The project team included stakeholders from BKD Architects who designed the project along with consulting engineers Baker O’Reilly, Contractors Temec Ltd., with Construction by Walls Construction. Diffusion’s slimline fan coil units were specified for the project to ensure the client could make the best use of the original floor to ceiling heights while providing a comfortable, practical thermal environment.

Located in the heart of Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, the project involved the complete refurbishment of the Bank Centre. Diffusion’s Slimline Highline 170 EC/DC ceiling mounted fan coil units with inlet attenuators were selected for the Bank Centre, to ensure that the maximum floor to ceiling height remained available. The industrial style of the refurbishment meant services were left visible making the Diffusion fan coil units ideal for the project.

Designed with aesthetics in mind, Diffusion’s Slimline 170 EC/DC ceiling mounted fan coil units are an attractive solution for architects designing buildings with an industrial look, as the units can be ceiling exposed, as well as ceiling concealed. The units can also be powder coated to suit the colour requirements set out by the architects. The fan coil units (like all Diffusion fan coil units) have been designed and built to last. As a result, core components are easily accessed and maintained and so if in future maintenance is required, coils and fans can be replaced without needing to replace the entire unit. This feature has the additional benefit of ensuring the fan coil units are future proofed for updates in technology going forward.

Ryan, Keane Environmental Ltd said,

“We’ve been working in partnership with Diffusion for over 20 years because their units are built to last. We know we can fit them and trust them to do the job they were specified to do. They are also a practical and sustainable choice, enabling key components to be easily serviced or replaced rather than replacing the entire unit. Inlet attenuators were included on the fan coil units as all services are exposed; the attenuators ensure that appropriate noise levels are maintained, which is a great benefit to the end user.”

The Slimline Highline 170 EC/DC WH is a horizontally-mounted fan coil unit. The Diffusion Highline ranges of waterside control fan coils have been specifically designed with consideration to their intended installation. At only 170mm deep the slim fan coil unit is ideal for ceiling mounted or floor void applications. The Slimline fan coil is fitted with high efficiency EC/DC motors, offering specific fan powers (SFP) between 0.19 – 0.43 W/l/s. All of the Highline models have been configured to perform efficiently against external system static pressures up to 50 Pa. Flexibility of design allows the Slimline Highline range to be configured to suit a variety of installation requirements; including circular, rectangular and bulkhead ducted connections. The numerous models within the Highline range enable performance selections ranging from NR25 to NR40, and air volumes up to 700l/s.

The robust fan coil chassis is manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised mild steel sheet, with burr free edges and a natural finish, formed and strengthened to provide a rigid and distortion free construction. Units have reinforced mounting points incorporated within the overall chassis width to facilitate drop rod installation. Full width removable maintenance panels are fitted to provide access to key internal components for easy maintenance.

The Slimline fan coils feature single inlet, single width, direct driven, centrifugal fans. Scrolls are manufactured from galvanised mild steel, complete with forward curved multi-bladed aluminium or galvanised steel impellers. The EC/DC motors are rated for continuous operation with inbuilt overload protection devices, and are capable of performance control via a 0 to 10 Volt dc signal. The fan coil unit’s heat exchangers are designed to achieve optimum heating and cooling performance using the industry predominant hot water and chilled water temperatures.

The fan coil range can be supplied with either the Diffusion lifetime ‘Eco’ wire mesh filter, this option provides a robust environmentally conscious solution that can be vacuum cleaned in situ, or alternatively ISO grade media filters. Inlet and discharge attenuator options are available.

Designed with ease of service and maintenance in mind the Slimline fan coil’s condensate drip tray is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel, designed with a dual axis fall to drain; welded at each corner. The units are fitted with a 15mm diameter brass end drain connection at the lowest point so condensate can drain away easily. (22mm diameter connection option available)

Diffusion is an award-winning British manufacturer, they have been manufacturing heating and cooling equipment in the UK for over 60 years, during which time it has established an enviable reputation for the quality of product, the bespoke design capability and excellent, personal service. Its competitively priced product portfolio comprises a wide range of fan coil units. Diffusion’s main objective is to design and manufacture high quality solutions to meet clients’ needs, designing and manufacturing energy efficient HEVAC equipment that can accommodate specific requirements in the most cost-effective way, where the standard is never compromised.

The Diffusion team has in excess of 200 years of combined industry knowledge through working closely with customers for over 60 years. This deep understanding of the project requirements has enabled Diffusion to design and manufacture the most advanced, energy efficient products that comply with all relevant Building Regulations. Diffusion specialises in fan coil design and manufacture and is trusted by countless businesses across the construction supply chain. Diffusion fan coils are in countless landmark buildings including The Shard and The Walkie-Talkie building. Diffusion is a UK manufacturer and continuously searches for new and innovative ways to lower its carbon emissions. For more information on Diffusion, please visit www.diffusion-group.com.