Encourage independence with Horne

Horne’s CARE shower, in use widely across the NHS, extra-care, dementia care and Changing Places facilities, now offers enhanced inclusive design, providing additional support and encouraging further independence for its users.

The robust yet lightweight rail is a brand-new design; a durable core of anodised aluminium, treated with hard-wearing polyester paint, is fixed to smooth, solid injection-moulded elbows (and wall fixings).

The riser grip/release mechanism epitomises inclusive design; combining fishing-reel technology for a finely controlled friction grip and a custom-designed spring for its low-force release. Wheelchair and shorter users benefit from the mechanism release extender, which enables lowering of a previously high-set shower head.

Painted an inclusive deep orange colour, the rail offers valuable support and optimum visibility – colour and contrast – especially useful to our ageing population or people living with dementia or other neurological impairments.

Where full user independence is difficult, perhaps due to declining mobility, then assisted showering can also be achieved with a dual mode shower from Horne. With a removable hose and handset – when connected, warm water automatically diverts to the handset, which the care assistant can store temporarily on the wall-mounted riser rail. If required, the riser rail can also serve as a supportive grab rail.

Omitting the sliding handset mechanism, the rail can also be mounted on the wall (in any orientation) for a robust and supportive grab rail adjacent to accessible baths, basins and WCs.

The riser and grab rails are also available in white/grey for other accessible installations and can safely accommodate a load of 150kgf.

More information and full product tour at http://b.link/Included