Graf UK focuses on wastewater treatment

A CPD that explains the issues around wastewater treatment and advises on the options available for specifiers is available from water management specialists Graf UK who are also launching what is thought to be an industry first with free commissioning of their wastewater treatment systems.

The 50-minute CPD presentation delivers a multitude of “Wastewater wisdom”, ranging from the fundamentals (what is wastewater treatment and why is it required) to the latest regulations and issues, via a user-friendly mix of “live” presentation and videos.

Graf UK’s CPD explains the differences between cesspools, septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants, then goes on to detail, and demo, advanced wastewater systems for optimum treatment, such as SBR (Sequence Batch Reactor) systems which are capable of cleaning wastewater to 98% in just six hours.

As well as providing guidance for calculating sewage treatment system sizes depending on the population and type of building, the CPD also explains processes including nutrient neutrality, de-nitrification, disinfection, phosphate removal and carbon dosing. This latter process helps housing developments deal efficiently with sewage underload as their population increases.

The free commissioning move is a Watchdog approach to dealing with and resolving common challenges caused by poor or incorrect installation or the lack of or sub-standard commissioning, service and maintenance which can have a detrimental impact on the environment and on the homeowner’s wellbeing.

Commissioning should take under an hour, but many specifiers are unaware it is as essential a requirement as gas and electricity services are legally required to be signed off by specialists.

Issues with non-commissioned wastewater treatment systems can include odours due to poor aeration, sub-standard operation in general due to poor installation and system set up, and compressor breakdowns.

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