Hauraton channels used as perimeter drainage at Brooke Church of England School

Located in Brooke village about six miles South of Norwich, The Brooke Church of England Primary School is a brick building surrounded by an asphalted playground which tended to flood when there was heavy rain. As part of a number of measures designed to reduce future flood risk it was decided that the existing drainage needed to be upgraded.

The Hauraton RECYFIX®PRO 100 channel system, fitted with FIBRETEC® C250, HEELSAFE 9mm slot gratings was specified by NPS Group of Norwich, and used to provide perimeter drainage right around the school building. This continues 104 metre channel run not only drained the asphalt playground it prevented standing water reaching the walls and acted as a drain for roof downpipes. The FIBRETEC® grating design helps eliminate any cross-flow over the grating and important consideration for the Brooke project. The RECYFIX® channel component is made from 100% recycled PE-PP. The channel for the Brooke project has an intake cross section of 92 cm2.

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