Introducing the giant of all sliding doors – from SUNFLEX UK

The all new double glazed SF60 and triple glazed SF80 systems from SUNFLEX in Germany reset the standard for high-performance aluminium sliding doors, capable of achieving an unrivalled combination of panel size, thermal performance and advanced design.

With panel sizes up to a massive 6 metres wide and up to 4 metres tall, narrow 30mm sightlines and Passivhaus standards of thermal efficiency the SF60 & SF80 redefine the boundaries of what is achievable with a sliding door.

Sitting alongside the ultra-slim SVG20 and SVG30 systems, the SF60 and SF80 enable SUNFLEX UK to offer a sliding door solution for any size of opening with even the most complex specification requirements.

Slim from any angle

The SF60 & SF80 are both designed with slender frames with just 30mm visible sightlines that finish flush with the glass – so no need for the ugly reinforcing profile that you see on many aluminium sliding door systems on the market. Learn more

Advanced thermal performance

As Building Regulations tighten the requirements for thermal efficiency the SF60 & SF80 provide sliding door solutions for even new-build Passivhaus standard eco-homes. The double glazed SF60 is capable of achieving U-value figures from just 1.1W/m²K whilst the triple glazed, ultra-thermally efficient SF80 can achieve U-values as low as just 0.8W/m²K. Unlike other manufacturers, these figures are calculated across the whole system and not by only including just the visible frame. Learn more

Extreme panel sizes

Both door systems are the giants of sliding door technology, with individual panels up to 6 metres wide, up to 4 metres tall and up to a massive 800kg in weight, whilst overall door systems can measure an incredible 32 metres across. These huge panel sizes, combined with narrow sightlines make the SF60 & SF80 perfect for creating almost uninterrupted views out into the garden and for maximising the amount of light you let into your home. Learn more

Dry-glazed, not bonded!

One of the trends in the development of sliding door technology has been the necessity for manufacturers to need to bond the glass to the frame to provide rigidity. The challenge is should the glass ever break you would need to replace the whole panel (and not just the glass) – not only significantly more expensive but also problematic if the door system goes out of production. For this reason the SF60 & SF80 are dry glazed (held in place by internal glazing beads) giving you complete peace of mind, now and for years to come. Learn more

Flush stacking panels

As with the award-winning SVG20 and SVG30 doors, the SF60 & SF80 can be designed with an innovative flush stacking detail, where all the panels slide neatly behind the next to create a contemporary appearance when the doors are opened. Not only does this create aesthetic appeal, it also maximises the space that is provided when the doors are slid back – perfect for breaking down the boundaries between home and garden. Learn more

Find your nearest showroom

You can use the postcode finder on the SUNFLEX UK website to find your closest product display. Working with a network of glazing specialists around the country helps to provides excellent service for those considering a self-build or renovation project. Find your nearest showroom