Guaranteed waterproofing for any roof tile at 10 degrees

There are several factors that influence a roof’s pitch, such as:

  • Material availability
  • Cost
  • Aesthetics
  • Construction: ease or difficulty
  • Weather conditions
  • Local building permissions.

The client’s preferences and the architect’s designs also play a pivotal role in determining the roof pitch, as it significantly impacts the external appearance of a building, making it a crucial aesthetic consideration.

Different loads, such as snow, wind, dead load, and live load, exert forces on a roof structure, making it essential to tailor the pitch to suit the local weather conditions.

The choice of roofing material further influences the final pitch, with concrete, clay, and slate being common options. However, low-pitched roofs present unique challenges, particularly in terms of effective water drainage.

Challenges of low-pitched roofs

While low-pitched roofs offer several advantages, the limitation in available roofing tiles has been a significant hurdle. This is where sub-roof systems come into play, revolutionising the possibilities for roofing design and functionality.

What is a sub-roof?

A sub-roof is an additional protective layer within the roof structure, acting as the primary waterproofing layer under the tiles when the tiles’ minimum pitch cannot be met.

Instead of relying solely on tiles for waterproofing, the sub-roof becomes the main waterproofing layer.

When should I use a sub-roof?

Sub-roof systems change the dynamics of traditional roof structures as the tiles serve as a secondary defence against water ingress.

This innovation enables the use of all types of concrete, slate, and clay roof tiles at pitches as low as 10°.

One significant advantage of sub-roof systems is their ability to accommodate heritage sites and older properties. By allowing the use of existing or reclaimed tiles, sub-roofs maintain the original look and feel of the property while providing an additional layer of protection against water ingress.

ISOLINE LOW LINE sub-roof system

  • The only sub-roof system in the UK to be BRE tested and BBA accredited to as low as 10 degrees with a 30-year guarantee
  • Made from approximately 50% recycled material
  • Can take any roof tile to a 10 degrees pitch
  • Maximises living space, could mean an additional floor
  • Ventilated due to the corrugations
  • Lightweight and quick to install
  • An exceptional long-lasting waterproofing solution.

Just like our duck suggests, it’s probably more waterproof than him…

Do you often come across situations where the chosen tile for your project restricts your design and overall aesthetic due to pitch limitations?

ISOLINE LOW LINE is the solution.

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