Keeping your property safe as crime rises again after the lockdown

As the lockdown eases and many individuals start going out and about again, the crime rate is going up as opportunistic criminals take advantage of the empty homes following so much time couped up inside.

While it might be open season for burglars, it’s also a tough time for most homeowners, who face financial challenges and stress thanks to the pandemic.

Having your home broken into is a traumatic situation that you probably don’t need right now, so check out these practical tips to help you keep your property safe while you enjoy your newfound freedom.

Install Quality Security Doors

Doors are the ultimate point of entry for visitors and criminals alike, so make sure that yours are secure to keep unwanted guests out of your home. You can get Police Approved doors from Henleys Security Doors if you want to ensure your property is as safe as possible. Their doors have a hidden steel core that is covered with the finish of your choice to ensure they don’t look out of place. The high security locking system then helps to provided that added security. Henleys provide security doors in London, the Midlands and the North so you can benefit from them no matter where you’re based. This is an option worth considering for your home if you want to keep it safe, both now and in the future.

Add Visible Deterrents

As well as security doors, you should check out other visible deterrents such as security cameras, neighbourhood watch stickers and motion sensor activated lights. These solutions will not only help you to make your home feel more secure, but also make it look protected. Criminals are less likely to try and break into a property that looks well guarded, so you can easily protect your home and reduce the chances of a criminal entering it with these solutions.

Get A Dog

If you’ve always wanted a dog, but have been reticent, now could be a perfect time. Not only are dogs great companions that could help you to deal with a second lockdown if one happens, but they also deter criminals. That’s because dogs can make noise and alert people to the fact that a stranger is in your home, and they could even attack if they feel scared. Dogs are a big responsibility, so consider fostering one first if you’re not sure about taking one on permanently.

Put Valuable Items Out Of Sight

It’s always tempting to show off your expensive car, or your big screen TV, but by putting these items on show, you could make yourself a target. As such, you should store any particularly valuable vehicles in a garage or under a cover, and you should make sure that no high-value are visible through your windows.

Make It Look Like Someone Is Always Home

Burglars like to break into empty homes so that they can take their time exploring and searching for valuable items to steal. As such, you should make sure that your property looks lived in, even when no one is home. Try leaving lights on for a while, or asking a neighbour to go into your home a few times a day to make it look like the property isn’t empty. These precautions might seem extreme, but they can help you to keep your home safe when you’re away.