Kent self-builder shields basement structure using Wykamol/Triton System solution

The comprehensive product range offered by waterproofing and timber treatment specialist Triton Systems, part of the Wykamol Group, has proved to be the perfect fit for a Kent self-builder undertaking his first self-build project in challenging ground conditions.

The 3/4 bedroom home at Warren Road in Chatham will have a total floor area of 420 m² across three floors, with the client making use of the Nadura Insulated Concrete Formwork or ICF system which will create a highly energy efficient structural envelope.

The builder comments:

“Though we’ve been involved with a number of different property projects in the past, this is a new build on a sloping site, with a semi-basement built into the hillside and therefore requiring a reliable tanking system. Our architect recommended Wykamol Group and the company’s technical design manager and area sales manager duly visited site to discuss the appropriate specification. We are now up to the second level and work is progressing well.”

The solution recommended by Wykamol Group’s technical team is typical of the manufacturer’s double indemnity approach, employing both tanking and internal drainage products, ensuring any water which does penetrate the structure is safely removed: in this case by gravity rather than using a sump pump.

The 300 mm thick foundation slab was cast on top of a layer of Shield membrane which is turned up the sides of the shutters to interface with the protection to the outside of the wall structure. Before the concrete was poured, sections of CEMflex water bar were secured to the steel reinforcement mat so that the top half protrudes along the centreline to the 250 mm wide walls.

Once the first lift of ICF system has been poured and gained sufficient strength for any bracing to be removed, the outer face will be covered in a continuous layer of Sureproof Ultra, a composite double drain membrane which channels any groundwater down into a land drain at the base.

Internally, the walls are lined with the BBA approved Wykamol-Triton’s CM8 Waterproofing Membrane, while a layer of CM20 will be laid across the top of the floor slab. Both of these products are made from high density polyethylene and are installed with their 8 mm or 20 mm studs against the face of the concrete. They will drain into the manufacturer’s Aquachannel which will be installed around the entire perimeter of the basement and conduct any water outside to connect with the land drains.

Sureproof Ultra comprises a very stable polyethylene film offering a consistent reaction to longitudinal and transverse forces, having been developed for the waterproofing of basements, foundations, walls and flat or ventilated roof structures. The self-adhesive material is self-sealing and forms an effective barrier against methane and radon while being resistant to chemicals and physical damage. As well as being ideal for protecting concrete and masonry, Sureproof Ultra is also compatible with metal substrates.

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