New ALUCOBOND® vintage Finish Surface Series – A Nostalgic Touch for Modern Construction

ALUCOBOND® vintage from 3A Composites GmbH, is a stunning new palette of surface designs that offers architects and designers the ability to combine that much-in-demand weathered or aged look and unite it with all the modern benefits, such as fire safety and durability, of its ALUCOBOND® PLUS and ALUCOBOND® A2 façade panels.

Six finishes are available within the new vintage range; Patina Copper, which offers that timeless blueish-greenish layer on the surface of copper that typically comes from age; Industrial Iron, it’s changing metallic markings indicative of wear; Coracero offering that rust-like oxidative blend of orange reds; Antique Brass, with its rich brown hues and golden undertone; Rough Concrete, which is typified by its changing streaking from light to dark; and Fresh Concrete for that popular raw and unfinished look.

ALUCOBOND®, with the wide variety of forming and processing methods (roll bending or folding) available to it, opens up almost limitless applications to designers and architects, able to offer the ‘vintage look’ on all building types including high rise façade applications, due to the panel’s lightweight construction.

ALUCOBOND® vintage is available for use on ALUCOBOND® PLUS and ALUCOBOND® A2 and is both durable and long-lasting being resistant to weathering, erosion or corrosion for a look that will endure the lifetime of the building.

Additionally, when ALUCOBOND® vintage is used together with ALUCOBOND® A2, the company’s non-combustible panel with a mineral-filled core, it meets all the strict requirements of fire regulations too.

Paul Herbert, Sales Manager 07584 680262