ONLEVEL dedicated to improving their product offering with the development of the new TL-3020 & TL-3021 Glass Profiles

From its infancy in the UK in 2017 ONLEVEL has remained focused on its ethos of innovation and improving the status quo. The rapid rise of ONLEVEL in the UK market as glass hardware innovation specialist has been swift and impressive.

Following a year of new product launches and additions to the ONLEVEL product range the Glass Hardware specialist is pleased to announce the development of the TL-3020 top mount and TL-3021 side mount glass balustrade profiles.

New and improved the TL-3020 top mount and TL-3021 side mount profiles feature a hollow profile creating a more lightweight and more economic product solution. The slimline, elegant design also features drainage holes for carefree and easy upkeep.

TL-3020 top mount and TL-3021 side mount profiles provide a truly cost effective and high-performance solution for designers and installers alike. Both profiles can withstand linear loads of 1.5 kN and are suitable for glass thicknesses between 12 mm and 21.52 mm.

TL-3020 top mount and TL-3021 side mount profiles are designed to work perfectly with ONLEVEL’s innovative FLEXFIT Glass Adjustment system to provide ease of installation and reduced installation time. With this system for frameless glass balustrades, it is possible to adjust each individual glass plate up to 40 millimetres towards the perpendicular line. It is the solution for a perfect and safe alignment of glass balustrades. With just a simple sliding movement the installer is able to precisely position glass and reduce the assembly time by some 30%.

Gary Dean, Managing Director, comments:

“In the last year we have introduced a range of great new products into the market which we are really proud of, the ethos at ONLEVEL has always been focused on innovation or improving what is currently out there. And I’m pleased to say we have stuck to our principles with the development of the 3020 and 3021 glass balustrading profile channels. The profiles now offer better value for money and greater performance – a win win solution for our clients”