Practical Design Tips For Commercial Buildings

Designing commercial properties comes with a wide range of challenges, especially as many of them are purpose-built to often exacting specifications. 

Other challenges, such as the rising cost of construction materials, have hit the commercial construction market hard recently, meaning that it can be tough to get projects completed on time, on budget and to the right standard. 

That means choosing the best possible design that will meet the client and service users’ requirements and be efficient to produce. 

If you’re starting a commercial property project and don’t know where to begin, here are some useful design tips and ideas. 

Research Local Commerical Properties

When you’re conducting research into commercial property design, it’s easy to focus on properties that are used for the same purposes as the one you’re set to create. However, it would help if you also looked at commercial buildings in the local area, even ones that are for a very different purpose. You might find some useful ideas that could make the design and construction of your commercial project run smoothly. Also, if commercial property designs were approved in the past, then by incorporating factors from these similar buildings, you can improve your chances of getting your design accepted too. Your property will be in keeping with the local area and look like it fits in from the very start.  

Consider A Flat Roof For Low Maintenance 

While sloping roofs are traditional for residential buildings, for many commercial properties, flat roofs can be a great alternative. A flat roof could reduce maintenance requirements and also act as an additional surface for storage if required. If you’re unsure about your commercial roofing needs, then collaborate with experts like TSL. Their team has extensive experience in the commercial roofing market and can help with everything from selecting the right materials to completing the project to the highest possible standard. 

Explore Smart Technology

Modern life wouldn’t be the same without technology, and it’s changed every aspect of how we interact with real estate. From automatic doors to smart controls, there are hundreds of cutting-edge solutions out there that can save commercial property users time and effort. These products can be used for everything from improving property safety to reducing maintenance costs. So, when you’re exploring solutions for your commercial property design, consider how you can incorporate smart technology. These solutions are particularly useful for commercial properties, where there are often many individuals coming in and out. Therefore, the need for security and efficiency is higher than in a typical residential home. 

Choose Sustainable Materials And Solutions

Sustainability is a trend that’s here to stay, and the construction industry is a key focus for many initiatives looking to reduce how much carbon we produce. Construction is a wasteful industry in itself, but buildings also account for a lot of emissions. As such, you need to make sure that you work to ensure that your commercial property design incorporates eco-friendly solutions that will help to reduce running costs and ensure that the property does as little damage to the environment as possible. Explore options to find ones that will suit your property’s design and purpose. While these solutions might come at an additional cost, they could save the property owner money in running costs over time, so make sure that you include these details when you’re pitching your design ideas to your client and project stakeholders. 

Creating a property that is fit for purpose and will stand the test of time is vital for any project, particularly commercial buildings. That’s why these tips should provide a valuable resource and help you to design the ideal commercial building for any client.