Preparing your house to become more saleable

When people sell family home, they want the best price possible. The value of a property sale will largely depend on the building design and land included. However, there are small changes you can make to improve the offers you receive. Even if refitting a kitchen or installing a new carpet is out of your budget, you can still sell house fast. Here are the top five affordable tips to help you find cash buyers for houses.

1. De-clutter Your Spaces

Buyers can find cluttered spaces very off-putting as it makes it difficult for them to visualise their own belonging in the property. Viewers may assume poorly organised spaces correlate with badly maintained structural upkeep. Ideally you want the buyer to feel at home in your property. That won’t be possible, if your rooms are filled with old furniture, shelves spilling over or surfaces covered with junk. So be prepared to have a clear out, pack clutter away in boxes or if you don’t need it, throw it away.

2. Neutrally Decorate Your Wall

A coat of paint is one of the most effective and cheapest way to make a major difference. It makes a space feel fresher and helps to create the blank canvas for your buyer’s imagination. Neutral tones are essential. It would be counterproductive to stamp your own personality across your property. Buyers will try to look past any décor that isn’t to their taste, but it’s innately difficult. So to have the best chance of getting the maximum price, make your entire property neutral and calm.

3. Make the Kitchen Your Focal point

Of all the rooms in your home, estate agents consider the kitchen the most valuable. Per square foot, it is worth more than any other room. It can be a deal breaker for potential buyers, but it doesn’t need to cost you the earth. A simple alteration, like changing the cupboard doors, can make a vast improvement. Have a look around your kitchen and search for areas that can be upgraded, replace tiles, re-do grey grouting, fix taps or replace tired blinds. If the money is available, replacing counter tops can drastically increase the value of your property.

4. Generate Light and Space

There are clever tricks to make even the darkest, smallest spaces seem bigger and brighter. Sellers can strategically place mirrors to reflect light and ensure all windows are clean. Dark blinds or curtains should be replaced with lighter, neutral tones. Think about which rooms are your darkest and place candles or extra lights there to brighten it up. If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire, then let it roar when viewers come.

5. Improve the Aroma of Your Property

The smell of a house can have a big impact on a buyer. Undesirable smells of cigarette smoke, garbage or bleach, can be off putting. Most people have heard the theory, the aroma of baking bread guarantees a sale, but we won’t ask you to go to that extreme. First, remove the bad smells, unblock sinks and drains, wash the bins and remove furniture that smells of pets or smoke. Open your windows before a viewing and let air ventilate. Consider burning incense or using scented candles. Similarly to bread, freshly brewed coffee has a positive effect, and is perhaps an easier, more natural smell to create.