SIEGENIA has the perfect solution to improve home indoor air quality and noise pollution

As we spend more time in our homes, SIEGENIA’s AEROPAC offers the perfect cost-effective ventilation solution; one that has been installed in thousands of properties throughout the UK.

AEROPAC is a sound absorbing positive air input ventilator, designed to bring fresh air into the home without having to open windows. Due to their high construction standards, modern houses have very limited air infiltration, so the supply of continuous fresh air is inadequate, and it has been thought that the only way to allow enough air flow through was to open windows. Unfortunately, a growing proportion of new build homes are built in or near to noise polluted areas or where air pollution is poor, for example alongside roads. This air pollution can cause both short term and long-term effects on health.

Because of this we tend to seal ourselves in our homes by making sure windows are kept shut. Living in these sealed spaces is extremely dangerous to our health and mental state. The onset of a headache is the first sign that all is not well, and this can even turn fatal if CO2 levels in the home exceed eight per cent.

The AEROPAC is capable of supplying air at volumes up to 180m³/h. It is perfect for the rooms you spend most time in such as home offices or bedrooms where the quality of sleep is paramount to our well-being. Air can be filtered through a NOx or pollen filter to remove the pollutants as required to ensure the indoor air quality is maintained. To provide that quiet space, external noises are kept outside by way of the AEROPAC’s sound absorbing properties which absorb up to 57dB. To put that into perspective, a standard brick wall or an acoustic double-glazed window absorbs 40dB!

Installation takes around 60 minutes requiring an 80mm core hole drilled through the wall and the provision of a power supply. The kit includes everything you need in the box and is the perfect solution to counter the ever-increasing noise and air pollution issues we all face. For more information on SIEGENIA’s ventilation range, please contact info-uk(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or call 024 76622 000.

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