SIEGENIA introduces the AEROPAC – for a quiet and healthy home office

SIEGENIA’s AEROPAC provides a solution for those struggling to create a comfortable, quiet home office space. It is an acoustically manufactured ventilator or air supply unit, which provides the right amount of air to ventilate without you having to open those windows, keeping the quiet in and noise outside.

As more and more of us work from home, we are seeing how essential it is to have a quiet workspace. Sometimes external sounds such as the drone of machines or the voices of loud neighbours can be quite distracting both for you and your clients if you are on a call, so it is important to block them out in order to create a more professional working environment as well as to increase your concentration and therefore your overall efficiency.

Measures can be put in place to create a quiet office in your current home or to plan for one in a new build, such as choosing a secluded room of the house where you can be undisturbed, weather stripping, caulking or even soundproofing. However, such measures alone will not create an optimum home office; ventilation is also necessary to provide a healthy working environment.

Why ventilate?

Poorly ventilated rooms cause a number of health and performance issues:

  • Fatigue, discomfort and distraction.
  • Impacts on workers’ physical health and safety, as well as psychological effects in the form of stress.
  • Enhanced spread of transmittable diseases and airborne viruses.
  • Hypersensitivity and allergies, sinus congestion, dizziness, nausea and shortness of breath.

Inhaling fresh air is therefore vital in keeping employees physically and mentally fit, thereby increasing their productivity.

This is where the AEROPAC comes in. It is an easy-to-fit wall-mounted unit, designed to bring in clean fresh air to replace air extracted by local wall and window fans. To supply or extract air, fans and ventilators require a bore hole through the wall, but this also acts as the perfect sound channel. However, unlike other products, the AEROPAC’s highly efficient construction absorbs sound up to 57dB so you can create a quiet office even if you live near a busy road or airport. Indeed its sound absorbing properties are so impressive that it has been installed over 100,000 times including as part of noise reduction programmes around some of the UK and Europe’s largest airports.

In addition to its high sound-absorption, the unit is also very quiet to run with an inherent noise of only 20dB(A) at 60m3/h. As a ventilation rate of just 30m3/h is recommended for an average size room, this low running noise makes it suitable for use in all habitable areas, including living rooms and even bedrooms. The ventilation level can also be adjusted, with 7 levels ranging from 15m3/h through to 180m3/h.

Another boon for the end user is how cheap the unit is to run. The AEROPAC uses DC motor technology for maximum efficiency. Running at 30m3/h continuously for a whole year would only cost £1.07 based on an energy costing of 14p/kwh & E7 @ 8p (July 2020). There are also a range of optional filters available to keep out pollutants such as fine and coarse dust, pollen and even NO2 particles from car fumes, making the AEROPAC perfect for allergy sufferers.

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