SIEGENIA’s fire-rated AEROPAC ventilation unit combats noise and air pollution

The AEROPAC is a sound-absorbing ventilation unit designed to bring fresh air into buildings in noise or air polluted areas such as inner cities, near to roads or airports.

Most of the housing stock in the UK is affected to some extent by external noise or air pollution, consequently homeowners often choose to keep windows shut to keep the noise or air pollution out. This has an adverse effect on the air quality, particularly in new homes which are highly insulated and sealed.

SIEGENIA’s AEROPAC ventilation unit is intended to be used in the rooms where you spend most of your time, i.e. in bedrooms, the home office or living room. It provides a constant supply of fresh air at volumes up to 180m³/h with perfect sound insulation. Optional filters include pollen and active carbon/NOx to filter our unwanted pollutants. And the company now offers a fire-rated kit, which includes an 80mm diameter intumescent fire block and a 500mm length of galvanised spiral duct.

The report into the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower in July 2017 highlighted a non-compliance culture had existed with basic fire measures missing or inadequate. The report criticised the use of combustible materials within the external cladding system and the lack of correctly installed fire-stopping compartments. But it also criticised the ventilation system – which was meant to prevent smoke from entering the stairwell but did not appear to work as intended.

A typical ventilation system includes a length of plastic duct and an external grille. Should a fire break out in the property, the duct provides a path through the wall to feed the fire with oxygen, for smoke to pass through and for the fire to spread. Installing an effective fire barrier prevents this scenario.

The AEROPAC is a ventilation solution which is installed in many properties throughout the UK, and so if you are looking to fire rate this, it’s important to understand how.

The AEROPAC fire block is secured into the spiral ducting with self-tapping screws then sealed in place with intumescent sealant, it is then introduced into the wall as a complete assembly ready for the vent and external grille to be fitted. For installation on a cavity wall, two fire blocks should be installed into the ducting using the method described above, one in each wall compartment. The intumescent fire block will quickly expand in a fire to seal the duct and prevent fire and smoke spread.

The kit can be ordered complete with the AEROPAC or can be purchased separately to fire rate existing installs. The fire block carries a 2-hour fire rating and is a permanent fire-stopping solution. Installation of the whole unit takes around 60 minutes requiring an 80mm core hole drilled through the wall and the provision of a power supply. The kit includes everything you need in the box and is the perfect solution to counter the ever-increasing noise and air pollution issues we all face.

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