Six product showcases from Quantum Flooring Solutions

Six products showcases from Quantum Flooring Solutions:

TopClip is Quantum Flooring Solution’s Transition Profile range. The four clip-in profiles which make up TopClip provide safe junctions between practically every mix of adjacent floorcoverings. This is down to the unique design and manufacturing techniques which have gone into the creation of TopClip. Each of the TopClip Transition Tops are easily fitted onto Quantum’s renowned base technology. The high performance transitions have three sets of teeth, allowing the flattened tops to be applied flush to every type of flooring, minimising trip potential. The tread material is proven to be slip-resistant and durable, while being malleable enough to negotiate curves. TopClip is available in 23 colours. This, along with the streamlined, clean design finish makes it great for specifying in dementia friendly environments. It is also ideal for projects with aesthetics in mind.

Q-Range Wide Stair Nosings are Quantum Flooring Solutions’ answer to the conventional double-tread versions. This unique design features a single, extra-wide layer of slip resistant tread across the whole surface of the carrier. Q-Range Wide offers a larger area of grip than any other available product. This greater surface area helps to minimise slips, trips and falls on staircases. Crucially, the wide band also offers higher visibility of step edges. These benefits make Q-Range Wide ideal for public buildings with high footfall, such as hospitals and schools. For commercial and public buildings, cleanliness can also be a huge problem. Q-Range Wide is easy to maintain, making for clean and safe lines on every step surface.

Q-Fix is the new cartridge adhesive from Quantum Flooring Solutions. It is a single solution for fitting the full range of Quantum Stair Nosings. Q-Fix has excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a strong and durable bond between Quantum Stair Nosings and almost any step surface. In fact, the bond is so strong that, providing the application recommendations are followed, there is no need for mechanical fixing. This removes the need for unsightly screws and plugs. Q-Fix has been extensively trialled and tested, and is already proving to be a quality addition to Quantum’s product range. In fact, Quantum has so much trust in Q-Fix that it is offering 10-year bond and Stair Nosing warranties. Provided the application recommendations are followed, Q-Fix can be a long term solution for any project.

Dementia transitions are quickly becoming essential when designing for public projects. They are especially important when specifying for healthcare environments such as hospitals and nursing homes. Quantum Flooring Solutions has two product ranges which are ideal for dementia-friendly flooring: Dementia Friendly Transitions, and TopClip Transition Profiles. Dementia transitions are recommended to have less than a 10 point Light Reflectance Value (LRV) difference from both sets of adjoining floorcovering. This aids navigation for people who can be confused by abrupt colour changes. Quantum’s Dementia Friendly transitions have a choice of 14 colours, with the tread attached after the base. This allows for secret fixing with no visible screw holes. TopClip has a choice of 23 colours. This range provides a safe, dementia-friendly transition between floorcoverings of differing thickness. All these profiles can also be used as doorway transitions.

Quantum Fusion is Quantum Flooring Solution’s brand new Clipped-in Capping system. This unique and elegant design consists of two separate parts. The rigid base is attached to the wall first, after which the flexible Capping Strip can be clipped neatly and firmly into the base over the fitted vinyl flooring. The base comes pre-taped, so it is perfect for projects in schools and hospitals where solvent based contact adhesives are often prohibited. Meanwhile, the flexible cap ensures that there are no dirt traps, making Quantum Fusion ideal for healthcare environments. The capping can be clipped into the base in long strips, even around corners, allowing for a seamless join. Quantum Fusion also overcomes the issue of platiciser migration, as no plasticisers are used in production of the base. This greatly reduces incidences of stains or adhesion issues over time.

Quantum Flooring Solutions has recently released two versions of a new capping system: Slimline Capping and Slimline Cap Cove Combined. These profiles are designed to have a much smaller cap over the vinyl floorcovering join than traditional capping. This reduces the risk of dirt and dust build-up, making the Slimline Range excellent for healthcare environments. It also gives the Capping Strips a cleaner look and finish. The two profiles offer differing options to contractors. The classic style Slimline Capping can be used with Quantum’s usual Cove Formers, while the Slimline Combined consists of a singular Cap and Cove profile. This can be fitted quickly and easily with the promise of a clean, professional look. Both profiles are available in six colours, to suit the unobtrusive colour schemes of most healthcare projects.

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