Space-saving sliding door gear from Häfele

Häfele’s wide range of innovative sliding door gear solutions are designed to save space. With more time being spent at home, everyone is thinking differently about how their space works, looks and feels.

Häfele has the largest range of sliding door gear in the UK, and provides specifiers a number of options when designing residential and commercial applications.

Sliding doors can offer significant space-saving choices and optimise storage capacity in kitchens, and bedrooms as well as hotel rooms, offices and commercial spaces. Pocket doors – sliding doors concealed within existing walls, can save an average of 1270mm of operating space per door.
The Hawa Concepta range is the pinnacle of sliding door innovation and uses a pivot system that can conceal wardrobes and kitchenette areas, and is designed without the need for a floor channel.

Slido, Häfele’s own brand range of sliding door gear products, with a 10-year guarantee, includes a suite of sliding products based on global design trends and the latest sliding door technology. Available for use with timber, glass or aluminium framed sliding doors, it is suitable for a number of furniture and internal door applications.

Sliding specification service
As well as the range of sliding products, Häfele also offer a free sliding specification service; an easy three-step process to quickly guide users through the specification procedure.

Also, Häfele’s experienced Projects team, not only have the knowledge and expertise to offer a comprehensive range of sliding solutions, but also to guide customers through the specification process, ensuring the optimum product selection is carefully achieved.

To find out more about Häfele’s sliding door gear click the button below or contact the Projects 360 team on 0800 171 2907.

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