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The construction industry is on the cusp of a major transformation. New regulations and evolving best practices are impacting how buildings are designed, constructed and managed. Are you prepared?

LKAB Minerals invites you to join them for a free webinar exploring the impact of Gateway Legislation, Golden Thread, Design Liability – and most importantly – how it will affect you and your company.

Join us online on Thursday, May 30th, from 11:00am – 12:30pm to learn how these concepts will impact your role in the construction industry and help you stay ahead of the curve.

Your host – Phil Kelley, LKAB Minerals’ Technical Sales Manager, brings over 15 years of experience in construction specification to the table. His in-depth knowledge of British Standards and evolving legislation ensures a valuable learning experience.

He will be joined by a panel of industry experts for a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar, so bring your questions and get the insights you need from some of the leading voices in construction.

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Why you should be attending

We know that the construction industry is full of jargon, and understanding these terms can be crucial for navigating projects effectively, which is why our three subjects are so important. This is what we will be talking about:

  • Gateway Legislation:

Gateway legislation is a system used in some countries, particularly the UK, to ensure that construction projects meet specific safety and quality standards at critical junctures throughout the design, construction, and occupancy phases. These junctures are called “gateways.”

How it Works

A regulatory body oversees the gateway process for what are termed “Duty Holders.” Key project participants such as architects, engineers, contractors and the client (whoever commissions the project) are designated as “duty holders” with specific responsibilities at each gateway. Duty holders must submit information demonstrating that the project complies with relevant regulations and standards before being granted permission to proceed to the next phase. This information can include design documents, construction plans, and risk assessments.

The idea is that gateway legislation will enhance construction safety, improve building quality, and promote greater collaboration between project stakeholders.

  • Golden Thread:

The golden thread is a concept closely linked to gateway legislation. It refers to a comprehensive record of building information created and maintained throughout a project’s lifecycle. This information serves as a “golden thread” connecting all stages of design, construction, and operation.

What’s Included in the Golden Thread?

The Golden Thread covers architectural drawings, engineering specifications and other design documents. It also includes specifications for building materials, including their properties and performance characteristics.

Detailed plans for the construction process, including methods and schedules together with documentation of the building as it is actually constructed, including any deviations from the original design must also be included together with information on maintenance activities performed on the building throughout its lifespan.

  • Design Liability:

Design liability refers to the legal responsibility of design professionals (architects, engineers, etc.) for any defects or problems that may arise due to errors or omissions in their designs.

The specific extent of design liability is often outlined in the contract between the design professional and the client. Design professionals can also be held liable for negligence, meaning they failed to exercise the level of care and skill – another good reason to join our webinar.