Universal protection

In mental rehabilitation settings like prison and specialist mental healthcare, the primary focus of any shower design should be to protect the service user from harm.

Shower fittings should assist in the delivery of care, while discouraging users from causing intentional harm, either to their environment or to themselves.

Thermostatic showers work best in facilities that follow the thermal regime for Legionella control, and therefore the hot supply pipe to the shower will typically carry water around 60°C. This could be a significant burn risk to vulnerable users but, in the case of Horne pre-plumbed panels, this risk is entirely removed; the hot supply pipe is safely enclosed within the panel and behind the optional pipe cover, thus protecting the user.

The Horne shower panel range also includes options that incorporate the In-Line Thermal Disinfection Unit (ILTDU). This patented device facilitates the safe management of retrograde pathogens such as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa; FM providers should periodically operate the ILTDU using the bespoke key to transfer the mechanism into disinfecting mode. The readily available hot water supply, at ≥60°C, temporarily reroutes into the cold water supply pipe, via the cold port of the shower valve and to the shower outlet, raising all wetted parts to system temperature and allowing for thorough disinfection. All Horne shower panel designs also include the facility to flush the water supplies at high velocity, which serves to remove excess biofilm (and its resident pathogens) to drain, improving water quality of the shower supplies and further protecting users from infection.

The Horne pre-plumbed shower panel, with its Type 3 (healthcare) approved thermostatic shower valve provides accurate, consistent and reliable thermostatic control – delivering a safe, comfortable and calming shower experience. Alternative designs risk poor thermostatic control; fluctuating temperatures could be a very real point of frustration and lead to wilful abuse. For example, demand for water elsewhere in the domestic water system, such as a flushing toilet, could adversely affect the flow rate and output temperature – scalding hot to sudden cold as the valve inadequately adjusts to the stark changes in pressure. Short running timed flow control showers could also attract unwanted attention and vandalism.

The accuracy, stability and responsiveness of the Horne thermostatic shower valve is a key reason it is very often specified for secure facilities. The panel manufacture – made from high grade materials that are extremely tough and tolerant of abuse – is another. The ligature-resistant fittings, specifically designed to reduce opportunities for users to self-harm are strong, well-made and unbreakable. Should any maintenance be required, however, security fittings mean that access to componentry is only possibly when FM operatives are in possession of the correct tools.

One should not overlook the real benefits to the quick and simple installation that is inherent for a Horne pre-plumbed panel shower. Effectively fabricated off-site, fully pressure and performance tested prior to despatch, the installation really is a simple case of hang, mark and fix 4 support screws, connect the water supplies, commission, then fit the optional pipe-cover. The install time per shower can be honed, costs minimised, and facilities back up and running again in short time.

Protect the user, protect the shower fitting, protect the budget.

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