Bordier et Cie headquarters, Singapore

The design concept was developed from understanding the client’s business and harvesting the brand values of the oak tree in their logo. This magnificent form of nature – a deeply rooted symbol of strength, life and openness – became the emphasis and motivation.

A myriad of natural materials and colours blossomed seamlessly from this concept with exquisite design features such as a water wall, majestic “horizon” ceiling and “meditation” pebble paths creating a soothing, open and organic environment.

In visualising a future of expansion for Bordier et Cie, ID21 designed and constructed a grand “sky” feature that hovers above the vertical core in the nook of the ceiling. By using undulating, back illuminated canvases and enveloping them with tinted mirrors, this visual horizon created a brand-related context that is both innovative and dynamic.

The completed atmosphere befits a company of such history and legacy, and one that immerses the Bordier et Cie brand into the expectations of a modern and meaningful workplace.

Project Location