ALUCOBOND® new brochure tackles the hot issue of fire safety and cladding & material choice

ALUCOBOND®, from 3A Composites GmbH, has launched an educational and informative brochure that details how to select the right Aluminium Cladding Material (ACM) to ensure the maximum fire protection according to the current regulations.

The 14-page guide titled ‘Fire Safety of Façade Cladding – Selecting the right materials to keep people safe is essential’ takes the architect, specifier or building designer through the often complex rules that apply in terms of fire and simplifies the process of how these rules can be translated into materials choice.

From an overview of the components of rainscreen cladding and the purpose of each, the guide examines the advantages of the rear ventilated façade design, before moving on to the notions of fire. These notions include explanation of classifications in fire regulations, building categories, fire reactions, as well as an Ignitability test ISO 11925-2, SBI test (single burning item) EN 13823, Gross calorific potential test ISO 1716, Non-combustibility test ISO 1182, and BS 8414 large scale tests and the classifications of ALUCOBOND®’s PLUS and A2 panels with respect to these tests.

The types of different rainscreen cladding materials and the performance of cladding in the event of fire are also explained, as well as the impact of ‘debris’, which can fall and injure occupants or cause secondary fires.

The potential issue of toxicity is also covered, with smoke inhalation known to be the most common cause of death and injury in a fire.

The advantage of ALUCOBOND® with regards to bonded stiffeners, is also detailed, before concluding with advice on what to consider before choosing the facade materials for your project for all types of materials and in particular aluminium composites.

The guide is available to download via:

Paul Herbert, Sales Manager 07584 680262