Getting the perfect finish with Schlüter-TRENDLINE profiles

There are plenty of ways to create the desired aesthetic in your bathroom or wetroom at the design stage, whether the project is big or small. This could mean incorporating mood lighting, adding statement sanitaryware or simply letting the tiles speak for themselves. Whatever you settle on, it is important that both style and substance are taken care of.

When it comes to tile edge protection, these boxes can be ticked easily with the help of Schlüter-Systems’ range of profile trims for floors and walls. They are made from quality materials and can offer the perfect look that will stand the test of time.

Inspired by modern interior design trends, Schlüter-TRENDLINE is a range of textured coatings for wall profiles offering a variety of different options to give you full creative control. Colour possibilities include stone grey, matt brilliant white, rustic brown, and dark anthracite. All finishes within the range are available across JOLLY, RONDEC, QUADEC and FINEC profiles and selected finishes can also be applied to the internal wall corner profile, Schlüter-DILEX-AHK.

You may wish to go for an understated finish, a more striking variant or anything in between. Below are just a few ideas on how to get the most out of your profiles and to hopefully provide some inspiration for your next bathroom project:

Match tile and trim
If using one tone or colour of tile throughout the installation, it can be very visually pleasing to match the profile trim colour to that of the tile. This creates a stylish and minimalistic effect, whilst also giving the illusion of a bigger space which is ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Enhance patterned tiles
When working with a patterned tile, it can be easy to make the mistake of creating a busy or fussy design which can date the look of the tiles. Often standard stainless steel or aluminium profiles will be distracting. To avoid this, try choosing a TRENDLINE finish which matches one colour from the tile pattern. This can really draw the eye and create a statement for the right reason.

Create useable space within your tiled area
A great way to give your bathroom the wow factor is by adding a fabricated niche which is then tiled over. Not only does this make the space functional, but it can also create a focal point within the room. By using Schlüter’s hard-wearing profiles, you can be safe in the knowledge that the tiles will be protected even in heavy use areas.

Whatever style you decide to go for, Schlüter-TRENDLINE have a varied and extensive range to make choosing the right tile protection truly effortless. To find out more about Schlüter’s products and services, go to