Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks ‘redefine hygiene’ with commercial washroom offering

For over a century, Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks’ innovative approach to hygiene has supported architects and designers to elevate the commercial washroom, providing them with the products and solutions needed to design and specify a space that has end-user wellbeing, practicality and sustainability at its core.

To support architects, designers and specifiers, Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks have launched a new interactive brochure and solutions finder. The Redefining Hygiene brochure allows users to input their specific design requirements and receive tailored information highlighting the products that best suit their needs.

This covers both manufacturers’ full range of products – from behind-the-wall technology you don’t see, to more modern and sustainable solutions like Sphero urinals, or even the premium Atelier Collections for spaces that require a touch of luxury.

The brochure also encompasses modern solutions that feature the latest technology and trends, and help specifiers to exceed the expectations of building owners. One such example is the Intellimix® smart tap from Ideal Standard. The touchless tap is designed to significantly reduce the spread of bacteria across commercial spaces, dispensing the perfect amount of soap and water with each use and helping end users save up to 80 per cent on soap use and 85 per cent on water use. Additionally, the product’s smart screen features options to display timed hand-washing instructions or corporate branding.

With its completely hands-free approach, the award-winning Intellimix® guarantees improved hygiene standards for all washrooms. Ideal for offices, leisure facilities and other high-traffic environments, such as shopping centres, hotels, restaurants and airports, the fitting significantly lowers running costs while reducing waste.

No matter what the project, there is a total washroom solution available. Thanks to Ideal Standard’s Singular™ philosophy, it’s also simpler than ever to mix-and-match across the full range of Ideal Standard and Armitage Shanks products. Specifically developed to streamline the design and selection process while still inspiring creativity, it enables customers to create tailored, holistic washroom designs for any sector.

To find out more about the right solutions for your washroom project check out the Redefining Hygiene brochure or to find out more about the Intellimix® smart tap, here.