Laminate No Crack Waterproof – A Fast Secure Way to Tile a Balcony

Kerakoll’s Laminate No Crack Waterproof system allows balconies and outside terraces to be waterproofed fast and effectively creating a safe and secure surface.

The system consists of two layers of Biogel No Limits or Biogel Revolution adhesive, the first to create a bond between the substrate and the underside of the Green-Pro uncoupling, anti-cracking, waterproofing membrane; the second to bond the tiles to the membrane.  The whole system then forms a fully bonded, laminated layer which can even be used on cracked substrates with residual moisture.

Biogel Adhesives
Biogel adhesives are award-winning gel adhesives which can be used on any substrate and with any type of tile.  Biogel No Limits is the standard set version, and Biogel Revolution, the rapid set.  They are easy to specify as the same adhesive is suitable for all projects, and pleasant and easy to use: as they can be mixed to the desired consistency, hold their shape, don’t dry out in the bucket, and have excellent wettability.

The Green-Pro Membrane
The Green-Pro membrane is composed of three layers – the first has hydrophobic PA fibres which ensure a secure bond with the tile adhesive as well as restricting water movement within the adhesive, the second is an HDPE waterproof structure which accommodates movement within the substrate and compensates for stresses caused by hyrgrometric shrinkage and cracks, the third is a non-woven breathable fabric which allows vapour to disperse.  Together these create an uncoupling mat that allows safe installation of tiles and stone over cracked and uncured screeds where waterproofing is required.

When using the Green-Pro membrane for waterproofing, the corners, joins, junctions and edges must have Aquastop 120 tape embedded into Aquastop Fix to ensure water-tightness.  This is a waterproofing product which uses nano-technology to make it totally water-repellent and give it high chemical stability.   There is no waiting time before laying coverings on top of Aquastop Fix, so you can fix the tiles immediately using Biogel No Limits or Revolution to create a secure adhesive bond between the tiles and membrane.

Technical Advice and Problem Solving
Every project is unique, and it is important to take into account any particular issues that may be present.  The Kerakoll Technical Team are always on hand to be involved with help and assistance in selecting the most suitable product for your project or installation.

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