Make the most of your hotel bathroom with Prosys

ProSys®, from Ideal Standard, is a complete in-wall system for wall-hung toilets, basins, urinals and other accessories in hotel bathrooms in and marries industry-leading technology with world-class design.

ProSys® works seamlessly across Ideal Standard International’s brands and is the perfect match for their extensive design-led product collections.

One of the standout features of the range is the vast collection of flush plates that come in various shapes, colours, functions and materials. These new flush plates are available with either mechanical, pneumatic, or ultra-hygienic non-touch electronic actuation and are compatible with most WC ranges from Ideal Standard International.

The Altes® and Symfo® flush plates combine hygienic touchless technology with luxury design, having been designed by renowned Italian design studio, Palomba Serafini Associati. These touchless products feature minimalist, borderless, contemporary designs, and are available in black or white. They both have backlighting which is preconfigured to blue, but can be changed during installation to display red, yellow, white, green, purple, orange or purple, depending on preference.

When selecting a ProSys system, specifiers are able to get frames, cisterns and flush plates, offering a complete one-stop in-wall solution. The ProSys collection of WC frames come in a variety of depths and heights. Full frames are available in 1,150mm and 820mm heights. The 820mm frames are perfect for use in furniture applications, or under windows, and have the choice of either front or top flush plate installation.

Leanne Martin, Head of Product for Ideal Standard UK, said:

“The system has been developed specifically to meet the needs of specifiers, designers, installers and hotel owners, with innovative features that work seamlessly with design-led fixtures in front of the wall, guaranteeing superb levels of performance, without compromising on aesthetics.”

“Whatever your bathroom vision, it’s the details that make the difference. That’s why our range of accompanying flush plates offer a huge choice of shapes, colours, functions and materials to meet any design need.”

Half-wall frames, which exclude the cistern, are also available and are ideal to use if you’re replacing a floor-standing WC with a wall-hung toilet, but need to use an existing concealed cistern. All ProSys cisterns come with an Ideal Standard SmartValve, a unique water reducing innovation.

For greater reliability, durability and complete peace of mind, all products in Ideal Standard’s range have been built to last, with corrosion resistant frames tested to the highest noise, stability and build standards.

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