Simple specification for all tiling projects

Kerakoll’s new catalogue includes a guide for all of the different systems that are needed for substrates or situations where tiling installation can cause problems if the correct procedure is not followed.

These include the frequently encountered such as tiling to gypsum-based screeds, over underfloor heating systems, whether electrical panels or matting, or heated screed, and tiling over existing tiled floors. Swimming pool installations, external tiling and tiling on balconies are also covered, as is tiling to raised access flooring – something that is becoming much more common with the conversion of office space to residential.

The guides also include how to fix thin and/or extra large tiles and panels, and tiling over bitumen or adhesive residues.

Each system sets out the steps to be followed and the appropriate products to use for each step making the specification process extremely simple.

Technical and specification support

Where extra guidance is necessary, Tilemaster Adhesives’ technical team is more than happy to get involved in the specification process to ensure that the right products are chosen to enable the project to run smoothly without any problems once complete. Please do contact them for further advice and support.

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