Twinfix finds the solution at Liverpool Heart & Chest COVID-19 Testing Facility

When Liverpool’s leading specialist heart and chest hospital trust wanted to set-up a drive through COVID-19 testing facility, Twinfix were approached by Actua to find a solution to provide shelter within their client’s COVID 19 testing pick up points.

With its team of experts in polycarbonate and roof-glazing fields, Twinfix works on developing the best, newest and highest quality products. A family business, Twinfix has been involved in the polycarbonate roof-glazing market for 32 years.

The area was a small courtyard and the proposal was to create a turning circle where vehicles could drive in and pick up their testing kit and drive out, the canopy would provide shelter for the vehicles whilst doing so.

There were further complications as the area is also used for general hospital deliveries therefore meaning the height of the canopy needed to facilitate lorry/wagons.

With the hospital’s requirements in mind, Twinfix designed two bespoke structures spanning a total of 82 sqm:

  • Section 1: Free standing duo-pitch canopy completely independent of the building
  • Section 2: Wall mounted lean-to mono-pitch canopy with vertical glazed screen to side & front elevation.

Section 1 comprised of galvanised steel posts with upper aluminium sub-frame roof, whereas, the full structure of Section 2 was manufactured in aluminium.

Both structures were fitted with our non-fragile Multi-Link-Panel roof-glazing system glazed with 25mm clear polycarbonate.

Joe Astley, Capital Projects Officer at LHCH commented:

“The trust is very pleased with the services received. From a quick turnaround in manufacturing to a trouble free and speedy installation, Twinfix did a great job at LHCH.”