How to avoid a war over water

By Matthew Rolph, managing director at Graf UK, Europe’s rainwater harvesting champion and leading sustainable manufacturer of wastewater and storm water management systems. Every cloud has a silver lining and if there was ever a positive to come out of... View Article

Take an active approach to passive fire protection with Sika

Leading speciality chemical manufacturer Sika Limited is helping specifiers contain and control the spread of fire with its high-performance passive fire protection products for linear and penetration seals. Sika’s passive fire protection range has been specifically developed to restore the... View Article

The ROCKWOOL Sustainability Report 2020

With an ever-growing population, the urban landscape is required to do more to accommodate more people. Recognising the impact the internal environment has on those individuals living or working there, architects have to balance building performance and compliance with that... View Article

Do your project justice

With quality & professional promotional content Whether you want to promote a newly finished development, give further insight into your manufacturing process or follow a construction project from breaking ground to practical completion, Efendi Architectural are on hand to provide... View Article

Waltham Forest Library turns to a new page with Pendock

Waltham Forest Council’s new Wood Street Library in East London is using decorative column casings from the Pendock Radius range to conceal 23 interior structural concrete columns, as well as service drops for water and electrics. Built by leading mixed-tenure developer, Countryside... View Article

Fibo Reaffirms Commitment to Environment with EPD

As part of its continued commitment to sustainability, Fibo, the leading supplier of waterproof wall panels, is now providing customers with easier access to its environmental data, with its wall panel EPD now available to download online.  The Environmental Product... View Article

Kaldewei – the new Cayono washbasin makes the perfect trio

The introduction of the of the Cayono washbasin, Kaldewei now offers the perfect solution for offices, hotels, commercial and residential construction; the under-counter washbasin with a mirrored overflow is ideal for hotel bathrooms.  Cayono is the economical design solution for... View Article

47 is the new 50 – have you switched yet?

To build safer, stronger structures requires more than just top quality joist hangers; equally important is choosing the correct sized joist hanger. Regularised timber is now the UK standard, which means 50mm hangers are yesterday’s news. Unlike rough sawn timber,... View Article

Hand hygiene remains crucial…

Although vaccines offer us all a welcome route back to normality from the Covid-19 pandemic, they will never be 100% effective in preventing severe illness and transmission.  The global distribution of the virus, its effective transmission and natural propensity to... View Article

Resiblock is the perfect fix for Nexus Park!

Resiblock have teamed up with fellow Essex firm Nexus Infrastructure to provide a joint stabilisation solution for Nexus Park, the new Head Office of Nexus Infrastructure plc.  With the use Porcelain slabs, and an array of insufficient sealers in the... View Article